Friday, June 04, 2010

Mick Mooney - Searching for Grace - Part 1

After a few months without a Growing in Grace Together program, I'm back with a four-part series with Mick Mooney, creator of the Searching for Grace comic.  Mick has a huge passion for the gospel of God's grace, and I'm sure you'll enjoy this series of interviews!

This week Mick talks a little bit about the main characters in the comic, Pastor Moses (representing 'law') and John (representing 'grace'), and he talks about how the comic came about and about the overall purpose of the comic.

Mick also talks about how various people are in different situations when it comes to the expression of being the church.  Some have left the institutional setting of the church and have joined together with others in a more organic expression of church, which is what Mick himself has done.  Others remain in the institutional setting, where a mixture of law and grace is taught, which is what the character "John" in the comic has done.  Mick talks about how to approach pastors and others with the message of grace in loving and gracious ways.

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