Sunday, February 14, 2010

GIG 228 - Present Day, Real, Living Jesus in Us

Some ask the question, "WWJD - What Would Jesus Do," almost as if we're looking at some historical Jesus who did some things 2,000 years ago that we are now trying to imitate or copy. But this week we look at the reality of the present-day life of Jesus who indwells us and with whom we're in union.

Rather than looking at things from a perspective of us "trying to be like Jesus," we look at things from the perspective that Jesus has already made us all that we need to be, and we are living from that reality. The foundation of this life is what Christ has already done, not what would He do. We don't look to a historical figure to try to decide how to live, but we live from who He has already made us to be and what He is doing in and through us right now.

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