Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dolts and Hacks

"Any dolt can guilt others into bluffing God's life. You just use language of Law and moralism. i.e.-'Why aren't you getting this and doing better by now? Huh?!' Ah but to woo our new nature to come out and play, so I can live out of heartfelt obedience to God, well, that is the art of grace. Any hack can get external right behavior, but my new nature living in love, without complying or pretending, that's new life."
(Saw that John Lynch, one of the coauthors of Bo's Cafe, had posted this on Facebook this morning).

Speaking of John, lately I've been listening to some of the messages from his church in Phoenix, Open Door Fellowship.  Click the link and go to Media, and then Launch Sermon Player... I think you'll enjoy the grace-based sharing from John and others.

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