Sunday, August 09, 2009

GIG 201 - Dead People Don't Keep Laws and Don't Break Laws

Continuing on with our conversation that we were having before our 3 special highlight editions of Growing in Grace, Kap talks about an actual person who no longer breaks the laws of the land to illustrate how we as Christians no longer break God's laws!

Also this week: The Christian life is, of course, not about keeping or breaking God's laws, so how in the world do we live our lives in Christ? Might it have something to do with grace?! Can too much grace be preached? We'll talk about all this and more on this week's Growing in Grace podcast.


  1. Ooh that title got me going............I haven't even listened to the podcast, but what a great title and how many Chrisitians don't understand that they are dead to sin (acts and nature) and ALIVE to Christ. Meaning Christ is their very life and source and will carry out the life intended for them by God! Anyway, that is just what ran through my mind as I cruised by here.........I wish I had more time, I want to listen to all your podcasts.............

    Hope you and yours are well!!! Blessings...............

  2. Yes, I was rather happy with the title here. :) I think it stands out. It's so very true that we're dead to the law and dead to sin, and indeed much more than that, we're alive to God in Christ!