Monday, August 10, 2009

Faith and Uncertainty

I loved this tweet from Paul Young yesterday:
Faith grows in the house of uncertainty.


  1. Detroit !!! Why I know a happy man who resides there and I've even seen his "house", (met his family), wow Joel what a coincidence...

    kidding aside yeah it's pretty neat him coming here to speak but I don't plan on attending cus its a benefit and I cant justify the fee..

    Also what do you suppose he means by "I am a fan of subtlety" ??? I don't understand, do you ???

  2. Not quite sure what he means by that. I guess in this case it's up to each person's imagination. He posted that sentence as his Facebook status earlier today, and a couple people asked him what he meant by it, but so far he hasn't replied. His next status update, however, then said this:

    Malcolm Muggeridge once said about not attending a London Billy Graham Crusade, "Good chap that Graham. Just not subtle enough for me." :)

    Again, dunno for sure exactly where he's coming from. The word itself has several meanings, so who knows. :)