Saturday, May 09, 2009

Volunteers to help me find some 'best of' material?

Hey all, in about 10 weeks Kap and I will air our 200th Growing in Grace program! Hard to believe it. It's been a great four years of casual discussion about God's love and grace.

For our 2ooth episode, I had the idea of basically putting together a bunch of highlights from our past programs. I've been going back and listening to some of the programs, trying to collect some material. It's a bit time consuming for our huge staff (me!) and I wondered if anyone would be willing to volunteer a little bit of time during the next few weeks to go through a handful of programs and make note of stuff that might be included?

This would involve listening on a computer or mp3 player and finding 5 to 45 second sound bites (approximately) that speak to you in some way, or that you think would speak to others, and simply making note of the times that the bites start. I would then be able to go to those programs and cut out the individual bites.

This is no big deal... just an idea I had... and if anyone's able to help out it would be appreciated. Depending upon the response, I'll kind of divvy up an assortment of programs to individuals so everyone's not listening to the same programs. Either respond here or email me at the address on the side column of this blog.



  1. I'm in! Let me know how I can help...

  2. Thanks, Richard! When I get an idea of how much help I'll have overall, I'll be in touch with you.