Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mr. Spock's Love Language?

Just had to link to this post from Ralph Harris. Mr. Spock's Love Language?

Which is better: to believe that God makes an every day, every moment decision to love, or that God IS love and every decision of every day and every moment comes from love?
There is such a subtle but deadly difference between making a decision to love, and every decision coming from love.

I think this one difference is one of the huge reasons why there is such a focus on "how to's" in the church today. "How to love," "how to live the Christian life," etc. The church is teaching people "how to love" rather than "living from love." Again, it's so subtle, but so HUGE a difference!


  1. Hi Joel....

    I can’t add to the point made as it is well made...My wife and I were in the car a bit today and I plugged in my MP3 player and we listened to The Message reading of Romans...we just kept shaking our heads amazed at how people miss the point...

    It is sad how people so often misconstrue salvation and sanctification....

  2. And doesn't that subtle difference make all the difference. Amen, my brother, Amen.

    In Him,


  3. Ah, nothing like the law of love. Wait! That doesnn't make any sense!? Mmm. . . Law vs Love. . . Trying to get to love or having love pour out of our pores cause Love can't not. . . Makes me want to post something Dan wrote a while back. Perhaps I will.

    Nice link and post! Needed to hear it again and again and. . . ok I'll stop :)

    - Becky

  4. LS,

    Yep indeed, it's sad how the gospel is missed! Hey, I've looked at various parts of Romans in The Message, but now that you mention it I think I'll dig deeper. I of course don't rely on that version, but so many things are worded in great ways!


    Exactly! It makes all the difference!


    Truly this is the type of thing we need to keep on hearing. Over and over again!

  5. Do you mean my WWJD bracelet is WRONG?? Instead of TRYING TO EMULATE Christ I can REST and let Him live & love through me?? That's the kind of radical thinking that turns good religious men like Saul, into heretics like Paul! OH MY!! :D

  6. Yep indeed, Jamie, I think Saul's "What Would Jehovah Do" bracelet got exchanged for Paul's "Watch What Jesus Does As He Lives In And Through Me" bracelet! (It was too many letters to he left it at WWJD). ;)