Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Putting links in a comment

The question has come up about how to put a link in a comment. Say you are posting a comment on someone's blog, and you want to include a link. For example, you want to write, "Take a look at this video." You can't do that in the comments section... OH yes you can!!!

It's really very simple. Use this as a template:

Copy and paste the full URL (web address) in between the quotes ("") and replace the word text with the actual text you want to use.

So for my example above it would look like this:

Or more specifically, it would look like this:

Any questions? Ask away!


  1. Joel, You are the GEEK! :)
    If anybody is interested in learning more HTML (links), visit this link.

    Thanks Joel!

  2. YOU ROCK JOEL!!! I have the best brothers, boy I tell ya!!!

  3. Joel, thanks for the info. I've seen it done before and wondered how. You never fail to come through, little brother.

    Bino, thanks for the link. I'll keep that although I may have to ask you or Joel for a translation if I ever decide to use it.

  4. Bino,

    I'm a geek and I'm proud of it! ;) Thanks for the link. Actually I think I once had that site bookmarked and I couldn't find it lately. It's good to have found it again. Thanks!


    We're all a great family, aren't we??? :)


    I've often thought of sharing little tips like this from time to time, so maybe this is just the beginning. I guess we'll see!

  5. Okay so this has been so fun, I am using this alot, THANKS AGAIN!!!

    Oh yes, please share any more computer geek tips you have, cause I need geeks like you to help clueless non-geeks like me - hahaha.......kidding, well sort of :)

  6. I'm with Lydia. Help us out boys. We need it. I tried it and it worked.

    Thanks, Joel.

  7. Hey gals,

    We'll do whatever we can to provide tech support to the body of Christ. :-)