Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up and starting over... Blog reading, that is!

Hey there all my friends in the blogosphere! Ever since I've been blogging on my own blog and reading other people's blogs, I've pretty much been consistent in posting my own blogs regularly as well as cruising around to all your blogs. I LOVE reading the things that others have to say, and I love being part of the conversations.

Just wanted to say that I had to hit the "nuke" button on my feed reader today. :( Lots of other great stuff going on in life has kept me from this joy of mine, and I had to mark 243 unread blog posts in my feed reader as "read" (past tense) without having actually read them. As some of you know, I have around 80 blogs in my reader, give or take. I've often tried to scale down but as I said I love reading all the blogs so it's hard to delete any!

Anyhoo... If I've been absent from your blog, or have failed to respond to one of your comments on mine, you now know why! Just wanted to 'splain myself. I'm now starting over, with Zero unread blogs. :)

Off to watch the season finale of Psych.


  1. Joel, I can totally relate. I don't have as many blogs in my feeder but I'm having trouble keeping up with them too. At one time, I used to read every blog as well as comments faithfully but circumstances have changed and now I find it difficult to even keep up with my own blog. I feel guilty at times because like you I love the bloggers I've met and want to be involved in what each one is saying.

    As I've said before, life goes in seasons and as the season changes, our emphasis will also change so it's best to flow with the season and not try to live in a past season.

    I'll forgive you, Joel, although I've got to admit you've missed some of my more brilliant blogs. I still love you though. LOL

  2. Joel,
    I, too, know exactly what you mean! Just having been out-of-town last week ONLY for two days, when I came home, the number of unread blogposts in my Feed reader was extraordinary! To say the least, I have a feeling, eventually in the future, I may have to "nuke" it, like you did...or at least take a "Blogpost-Reading-Vacation," in the event that something else takes precedence.

    Nonetheless, no problem, my friend! As well, I hope you enjoyed Psych!(Smiles :)

    ~Amy :)

  3. we is or is we not on for tonight???

  4. Aida,

    You've spoken my thoughts so wonderfully well! I feel bad and I miss the times when I'm not able to join in with all the conversations with other bloggers, but life does have its times and seasons and we can just go with the flow instead of worrying about the past.

    I've been over and checked out a couple of your more recent brilliant blogs! :) Just haven't been able to comment.


    Yeah, I went through that at Christmastime when I was out of town for a few days. I've spoken in the past about getting the feed reader that's called "Feed Demon" because it has a "panic button" that allows you to mark all feeds read in one click. :) I hate the idea of having to do this, but yeah, sometimes we gotta just move on. :)


    Yes we is!

  5. This is an outrage, Im storming off now...

  6. Leonard,

    Y'all come back now, ya hear!