Friday, January 02, 2009

What you said in 2008 4-6

Some of my favorite blog posts of 2008, continued.

4. Expecting to sin (Recover Your Good Heart - Jim Robbins - 9/29/08)
5. Faith is the Assurance of Things Not Seen (Somewhere in my Memory - Matthew Daelon - 4/10/08)
6. TV Interview - Day 5 (Grace Walk - Steve McVey - 11/22/08)
I highly recommend taking time to watch all 5 days. Also, in addition to Steve's written posts, he also posted a series of videos called "101 Lies Taught in Church Every Sunday." If you missed them, or want to see them again, go to his blog and search for the phrase "101 Lies Taught in Church." You'll find the first 77 videos that way. After that, the post titles were simply entitled "Lie #__."

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