Thursday, January 01, 2009

What you said in 2008 1-3

The world of blogging sure has opened me up to friendships with a lot of wonderful people! It was so great reading all of your blogs in 2008. For the next week or two, I'd like to share some of my favorite blog posts of yours from the past year. Right off the bat, I have to admit (actually this is more of a disclaimer) that I'm certain that I'll leave some people out because I didn't quite keep up with this in the way I had hoped to do throughout the year! At the beginning of the year I created a folder on my desktop in which I intended to save my favorite posts, and I did somewhat ok with it, but not as good as I'd hoped. In other words, I didn't save all my favorite posts, so please don't take it personally if one of yours doesn't show up. But I do want to shine the spotlight on my friends, so let's get to it! These will be absolutely random!

1. Isn't Salvation By Grace? (Caesura - Aussie John - 11/8/08)
2. If Forgiveness Can't Be Earned... (With Unveiled Face - Free Spirit - 8/23/08)
3. Winter - a season of rest (Forgetting the Former Things - Aida - 12/1/08)


  1. Hey Joel. Glad to see I made it onto your list. I would have been very upset if I hadn't. After all, you can't forget your big sister.

  2. Aida,

    I couldn't not include you! :) There are actually several of yours that I'd like to post, but I'm essentially sticking with one per person, unless it's a series that I'm linking to. I really like your posts about growth and seasons, etc, and all your other posts as well, of course.

  3. I just read Isn't Salvation by Grace last night. Great stuff, John!! Very encouraging.

  4. Matthew,

    The whole post from Aussie John floored me as well. I loved it.