Sunday, January 04, 2009

What you said in 2008 10-12

Sharing more of my fav blog posts of 2008.

10. The Prodigal God (Idle musings of a bookseller - JPS - 10/28-11/7/08) (This is actually a series of posts about a book called The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. After clicking on the link, scroll down to read the individual posts in order from bottom to top).
11. Behavior modification vs. life transformation... (Family: The Final Frontier - Richard J - 9/12/08
12. Behavior modification vs. life transformation, part 2... (Family: The Final Frontier - Richard J - 10/2/08)


  1. Wow! I made someone's top 10 list!

    Thanks for the link.


  2. James,

    I love shining the spotlight on others. :) That Prodigal God series of posts really got my mind focused on the "wastefulness" of God's love and grace!

  3. It was a wonderful book. I'm glad others enjoyed the excerpts; I just hope God used them in their lives and that it didn't just tickle their ears :)