Friday, October 31, 2008

Shazbat! I guess I'm an alien this year then!

A couple of my favorite aliens.

Mork from Ork

Poor Mork: He reports to Orson, "I seem to be losing my Orkanness." Mindy observes that Mork has been around her so much that he's "become too much of an earthling," and Orson says he's been afflicted with "observer syndrome." Unless he's cured, "he'll have to be ostracized." He'll be "stripped of his name, his honor and his uniform," and he'll be "sprayed purple and doomed to wander his home planet forever as a fallen Orkan."

(Sound familiar to anyone, in an allegorical kind of way???) :)

Doctor Who - got to be my all time favorite TV program.


  1. It's funny. Just the other day, I thought of Mork, just out of nowhere. I thought how weird that kids today don't even know who he is.
    So here's a good old-fashioned Nanu- Nanu for the oldies out there.

    I remember I practiced really hard to be able to make the alien sign with my hand. lol :)

  2. LOL, Free Spirit. :) I can do the alien sign very easily with one hand, but can't do it at all with my other hand.

  3. Yeah, same here.
    It must be something about us humans trying to do a very alienish thing. Maybe only the aliens can really do it. :)