Friday, October 31, 2008

Not Of This World

We are strangers, we are aliens, we are not of this world. :)

II Guys from Petra - Not Of This World

(In the past I've heard the GPS story that Bob Hartman shares here, in a similar way from Steve McVey. I related it in my own words in a post called Missed calls almost a year ago).


  1. I like the GPS story, one thing he said that stood out to me a bit was when he said that when you do go off track that the GPS will lead you right back onto the proper road. Getting onto the wrong road when driving somewhere usually means that you wind up going a fairly funky and round about road with a lot of narrow passages, hills and pot holes (and usually way to many stop signs lol)to get back onto the right road. In hind sight I can see that in the times I wandered off of the road that I was meant to take God did indeed lead me back, but the way was always a harder travel. My mom and many others would say that is God disceplining His child for not obeying Him in the first place, but I have come to see that it is simply that He knew how round-a-bout and hard that road was and tried to spare us that but in our stubborness we go our own way making it difficult on ourselves. But God is faithful to lead us back onto the more gentle and favorable road. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure it all out, all I am sure of is that God is not standing around waiting to give me a whack for not listening to make me learn some lesson. Sorry Joel didn't mean to go on :-)

  2. I like the GPS story as well. I think my life has been full of multiple times when I've gone off course, but "God's GPS" has always guided me back on course. I think there are probably many, many times when I've been off course, but didn't even know it. I don't think God has been harsh about it, but has lovingly led me back to walking in the ways He created for me to walk in. I tend to think that, just as with the GPS, God doesn't give us a big knock on the head but rather once we're off course, He simply sets a new way for us to get back on track. Like you say, Ron, often it's a more difficult way, but I really think that He knew how it would be all along.

    Somehow, with 6 billion people currently living on this earth, all of whom like sheep have gone astray, and the billions more who have lived up till this time, God's plans aren't thwarted one iota, and we're part of His sovereign plans! Something we can rest in is His faithfulness, even when we're not faithful.

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