Friday, October 17, 2008

Recover Your Good Heart - book and study guide available

As you may have seen I posted my review of Jim Robbin's book Recover Your Good Heart here about a week ago. I think this would be a really great addition to anyone's library, and also would be excellent to pass along as a gift to others.

So, I just wanted to let everyone know that the book can be purchased here (Amazon - paperback book)

Or here (, paperback or download)

And also that a new study guide to accompany the book has just become available, and it's available here (paperback or download).

BTW, I'm not playing "salesman" here. :) I just really think that many who check out this blog would enjoy the book.

While I'm at it, if there are those who purchase the book and the study guide who would like to study it with others, I'd like to throw out the idea of having some sort of online study group (perhaps through Yahoo Messenger or something like that)? I know some of us have had the idea to do some sort of online study together, so I'm just putting this up for consideration. This would obviously also be a great idea to do in your own church or small group, or with any group of people who you fellowship with.


  1. Not familiar with (lulu), once I down load is it like a pdf that I can print out or do they disable something, see I don't like to read off the screen so I pretty much print everything. let me know when you get a minute.
    thanks Leonard

  2. From what I understand, is kind of a storefront that helps people buy and sell books. The Help section of the site says the downloads are in PDF form, but it doesn't say anything about disabling print. I'd bet you can print it.

  3. Leonard--Lulu is an on-demand publisher. (I've looked at several companies like Lulu, and they seem like the best. I might use them soon to help me sell a book.)

    An author uploads a book onto the site. When someone orders a hard-copy book, they print one and send it to the buyer. The PDF download should be like any other PDF file. You can read it onscreen, or print it out to read offline.

    Joel--Count me in on the book study...

  4. Richard,

    Will do. I'm thinking we'll wait and see if anyone else is interested.


    I asked Jim, just to be sure it was possible to print the pdf, and he emailed lulu and they replied "yes."

  5. I'm in. If you recommend it, Joel, that's good enough for me.

    You'll fill us in on the details?

    This is a good thing. :)

  6. RJW,

    Will keep you posted. Looking forward to a great discussion with people such as yerselves!

  7. Hey guy's, thanks for the help, I went to lulu, bought book with pay pal they don't send it to you, what you gotta do is go to your account and download it from there, took me a while to figure this out so thought I'd share incase any one else, well fill in the blank. also I did print a test page no problem... Please keep me in the loop on this one, Ill probably read a chapter or two tonight.
    Thanks and Best

  8. We would be interested in participating in this as well Joel, if it is open to anyone that is. We have not been to "church" or in anykind of actual fellowship in a while, it would be refreshing.

  9. Hi Ron,

    Yep it will be an 'open' thing. I'm still thinking about the format... Yahoo Messenger or something else... I'm not sure. I think there are various other ways as well to have online meetings, and I'll be looking into some of them. I'll keep people posted in this comments section and probably in another blog post.

  10. A quick update... Life simply became a little to busy for me lately, and now I know that things get busy for many people between now and January, so I'm tentatively planning on starting this after the new year starts. I'll keep everyone posted.