Monday, March 03, 2008

Random Vids

And now for something completely different...

Some randomly linked videos. Whatever that means. Well, it's kind of like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." Kind of. But no Kevin Bacon here. (Although I bet there could be). And only five degrees.

1. You've heard this song. I don't care who you are... you've heard this song. You may not have known who the song is from, but you do now!

Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part 2

2. Speaking of Rock and Roll... Here are the guys from Twisted Sister with their song "I Wanna Rock." Actor Mark Metcalf, who played Colonel Doug Niedermeyer in Animal House, reprised his role (sort of) in this video (as well as in We're Not Gonna Take It). He was the demanding father in We're Not Gonna Take It, and he plays a demanding teacher in this video. All I can say is... "Comedy!" (Who pulls a grenade pin and throws the pin?)

3. Twisted Sister's remake of The Shangri Las' "Leader of the Pack." More comedy. (Bobcat Goldthwait appears in this video. He was made famous through the Police Academy movies, and he appeared in several Twisted Sister Videos).

4. The Shangri Las performing the original "Leader of the Pack" on the Steve Allen show way back when. Robert Goulet on the motorbike. More comedy. (Well, Goulet has fun with it, but the Shangri Las seem to be taking it seriously). :)

5. Robert Goulet had a role in Beetlejuice, although he is absent from this scene. "Day O... the Banana Boat Song" (Harry Belafonte). O yeah, comedy.

With all the actors here... I could easily go on to more degrees... but that's all folks... for now!


  1. Wow, Joel. That was an unusual bunch of inspiring videos.

    When I was watching the first one, I thought I was at a pep rally at my school. I've heard that song many times during football season. I'm glad to now know where it came from.

    I could also relate to the second video since I work at a public high school although I don't remember ever having had a class as tame as they were at the start of the video.

    I couldn't get the third one to play right so I missed being inspired by that one.

    The Shangri-Las video brought back many memories since I was a teen when that song was out although I don't remember anyone wearing their hair with that strange lump at the top. I'm sure I would have remembered if they had.

    I never saw Beetlejuice but I sure remember Harry Belafonte singing Day O. Another walk down Memory Lane.

    Thanks for the videos. I enjoyed them all. It's good to laugh and sometimes be silly.


  2. Aida... Yeah I just got a weird idea last night to post some of this stuff. It was on a whim, not planned. It's not the first time I've done something like this and it probably won't be the last. :)

    Beetlejuice is one of those "cult classics." I'm not usually a cult classic type of person, but I really liked the movie back in the day, and it also brings me back to a time with my friends. It's one of my Top 3 all time favorite movies, along with Grease and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

    Twisted Sister. Hmm, well, they were quite the novelty act back in my high school days! About a year ago I posted another of their videos ("We're Not Gonna Take It," which I linked to on this post), because the same actor who played the teacher in I Wanna Rock also played a strict father in that video. The father's diatribe in that video reminded me of what happens in some legalistic churches today!

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the videos, and glad I was able to take you down memory lane and laugh and be silly. =)