Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Jesus Didn't Get His Credentials From Seminary..."

I found this blog article through BlogRush (on the side bar of this blog). The name of the blog is "Just Your Average Revolutionary," and the title of this post is "Jesus Didn't Get His Credentials From Seminary..."

I've never read this blog before, and having not read anything else on the blog I honestly don't know whether or not I would recommend this blog overall, but this particular article has several points that really stick out to me. There are a few things in this post that I don't agree with, such as the author's assessment of the Sermon on the Mount near the end of the article. He states, "In it many Christian doctrinal points are established specifically from this speaking engagement." (I don't agree that the Sermon on the Mount is Christian doctrine, but rather is a matter of Jesus teaching from an Old Covenant standpoint). However, I do agree with the very next sentence, "Notice, it was not a 4 year bachelor degree program, but probably was done in one day."

And as I said, there are many great things in this article that stick out to me. Here are a few more quotes:
I've been torn with what direction I wanted to take this entry in: either focus on the fact Jesus was "uneducated" (in his earthly lifetime anyway), or the fact he picked people to change the world who were not educated.

For one thing, as a man, Jesus didn't get educated at the Jerusalem Bible college. He didn't go somewhere and study and learn the system's way of doing things before He could fit into it. He simply revamped the system and 'created it'. He didn't go to the finest seminary in Israel and select the top 12 valedictorians of the school and make them His disciples. In fact, he picked people that made those who had studied the right stuff wonder what the heck He was doing making disciples who were tax collectors and fishermen.

In fact, Jesus selected 12 guys that weren't even 'saved' yet. Now put that one in your Bible and read it! If Jesus came and presented his model of ministry to many of the top churches and seminaries of our day, they'd probably flunk him.

Just thought I'd pass this along...


  1. Hi Joel

    Doesn't this just show us how far we've strayed from what the Gospel and Christianity is all about.
    Is there any similarities?

    Trying not to stray (in His strength)

  2. Bob... yep I think that's so very true. We've lost the plot somewhere and I'm thankful that Jesus is redirecting us back to His Story.

  3. he was right to have said ""In it(sermon on the mount) many Christian doctrinal points are established specifically from this speaking engagement."

    it encompasses everything you have been trying to say but came out rather confused and convoluted. because you didn't understand that, that's reason why you preached a perverted form of grace founded upon the perversion of justice from luminary dead founders with extremely..ahem... impressive credentials - well, mostly.

    just makes me wonder how well you listen..:)

  4. I like this post...I don't know who coined the phrase but, "Jesus Christ is perfect Theology"