Saturday, January 19, 2008

Faith Looks Back

A couple of days ago I posted "God's armor 4-6," and after Aida made some comments there about faith, I replied and said that on my old website I had written a long article on faith (which is no longer on my site), and I said that I would try to find that article and tidy it up a bit and post it here. Well, instead of finding the document on my computer, I ended up trying something yesterday evening that I hadn't done in a loooong time. I looked up an old version of over at, and I found my old article there! ( archives old versions of websites and also ranks the traffic of websites, and you can check out the site info for websites. Using the "Wayback Machine," you see how websites have looked at various stages in the past).

As I imagined, as I read my old article I found a few little things that I would have said differently, or may not have said at all today, but yet I still think it covers a lot of stuff that I solidly believe, so instead of editing it I'll just link to it here. (As you can see, I had a very, very basic website!)

And while on the subject of faith, I have to share something else that I "accidentally" or "coincidentally" stumbled upon. Those words are in quotes because to me, this was really too coincidental to be a minor coincidental happening. What happened was that I decided to look at a few other old versions of various websites, including (I've had bookmarked as far back as I can remember, since the late 90's or early millennium, and I sort of wanted to reminisce). I "randomly" clicked on Feb 02, 2001, and right there on the home page was a link to an article called "Faith Looks Back" by a man named John Moneypenny. Not only does this article relate to several things that have been going around in my mind, but I also thought it related to a couple of other recent blog posts from friends' blogs that I read, and so I shared it with them.

If you're struggling with the idea of what it means to walk by faith, or if you've ever been in a place where it seems as if "grace isn't working," or if you are simply interested in any of this (who says you have to be struggling with something to enjoy a good article!), then you can check it out. You'll also get to check out the old look of the Grace Walk website!

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