Saturday, June 16, 2007

Natural Fruit

When I began writing my last post, I had intentions other than how it turned out. But as it unfolded, I found a lot of joy in remembering how my grace walk began, and in sharing some of what it means to me to live by grace.

My initial intention was to link to a post written by Matthew, who I mentioned early on in the post. As I said, I see many similarities in our ways of thinking. I like how Matthew wears his heart on his sleeve and how he's been sharing his joys and struggles as he's been giving himself fully over to God's grace.

Matthew, while being a fairly new Christian, and even "newer" in his grace walk, wrote something the other day that could very easily be a nice summary of what I've learned in the past 12 years! See his post, "Natural Fruit." Check out the rest of his blog as well!

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