Sunday, June 17, 2007


Grace is not...

-merely one subject of many in Christianity
-a "method" for holy living
-power for humans to keep the law
-limited to the forgiveness of sins
-license to sin
-through Moses
-added to our works
-for the proud
-wages for our deeds
-the result of our commitment or faithfulness to God
-the result of us exercising our gifts and talents
-limited in supply
-something you "hope" will be there
-something to come back to now and then

Grace is...
-the essence of the Christian life
-the holy life of Jesus that indwells the believer
-the power of God to working in the believer as he/she rests in Jesus
-the all-encompassing power for every single matter in the Christian life
-freedom from sin
-through Jesus
-God's work in us
-for the humble
-the free gift of God
-the result of God's commitment and faithfulness to us
-the means through which our gifts and talents are exercised
-abounding toward us, so that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
-exceedingly rich and abundant, without end
-what the heart should be established in
-fertile soil


  1. Amen Brother!

    Grace is NOT - power for humans to keep the law.

    I wish the Christian world had known this!

  2. Thanks once again for a wonderful post!!

  3. Bino,

    I get frustrated when I see Christians trying to keep the law, even when they're supposedly trying to do it "by grace." And even more frustrated when I hear "law" preached as Christian doctrine. Like you said in your own post the other day... we are in desperate need of grace teachers! I'm thankful for the ones we have, and I'm going to pray for more.


    Thanks for your comment. Also, I followed your link through to your blog. It was nice of you to repost this list there. :)

  4. Joel,

    Actually I thought about this yesterday when I read your post. Putting the IS's and IS NOT's in a table format with two columns one with IS and the corresponding IS NOT in the next column would make this more readable. I don't know if blog allows such formats though.

    Anyway it is a good post and I am going to link it from my blog.

  5. Bino,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I thought of that after I posted it, 'cause it's true that each of the IS's corresponded to each of the IS NOT's, but I'm not sure how to do a table in blogger. However, I now have more motivation to look into it, so I'll see if it's something I can figure out. If anyone can be of help, I'll truly appreciate it!