Friday, March 09, 2007

"Blessed are the Uncool" - updated, revised, clarified or whatever you want to call it

Unfinished thoughts (aren't they all?)...

A few weeks ago I posted about the title of a book I'd seen, "Blessed are the Uncool" by Paul Grant (Thanks to Mr. Grant for his comment on that post). In my post, I said that I "get" that today's culture, even the Christian music culture, is based a lot on "image." To reach today's generation, you have to speak their language and sometimes that means appearing larger than life.

I know that "appearing larger than life" can be abused. I know it can lead to today's youth (and adults) being confused about who they really are, by getting caught up in the "image" of a Christian rock star without actually knowing the person. And so when "image" is abused, I don't think that's cool at all! But my thought is... Just like Samson's strength, Esther's beauty and other scriptural tales of God using the natural talents and personalities that He has developed in people for His purposes, I don't have a problem with "image." But if it's contrived, if it's put together by having to be fake, then I don't like "image" at all. :)

During my 11 years in Christian radio, I met many artists from the Christian music industry. Many times, all I got was a first impression, and that's it, so I can't judge people at all based upon actually knowing them. So solely based upon first impressions (and sometimes on second impressions) I do know that I met many who seemed stuck on themselves and their image, and I also met many who were just plain down to earth and very much like your ordinary average joes. The latter group are the ones who I appreciated the most.

And you know what... I don't have all this figured out. :) I go back and forth between liking and "getting" image vs. not liking it and just wishing artists would simply be themselves all the time. One thing resolved in me is that if "image" and "being yourself" do really line up, then cool... keep being who you are!

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