Friday, March 09, 2007

"Blessed are the Uncool" - From the author's POV

Ok, so without actually having read the "Blessed are the Uncool" book yet, I've given my own opinion of the subject a couple of times; an an opinion solely based on my own thoughts about what the title suggests. I hope it's come across that I wasn't attempting in any way to describe the book itself.

But I did come across an interview with the author, Paul Grant, in which he himself defines "cool" and in which I think he explains well how "coolness" can really affect our Christian lives negatively. My summary: Our aim to be "cool" usually has self at the center, and really lacks anything to do with Christ living in us and through us.

To read the author's own words, the interview is found below. I especially like how he answers the question, "So what's wrong with being cool?"

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