Saturday, December 04, 2021

Do you feel weak, small, foolish, or powerless? You're in the right place for God's grace to shine!

Do you feel as if you have nothing to offer? Or do you perhaps feel that what you have to offer might seem foolish or stupid or silly? Do you feel that others are so much more competent or wiser than you? Do you feel weak in the eyes of the world? Do you feel less than honorable or distinguished when compared with others? Do you feel others have much more pull or sway than you, or that you have very little or no influence on others? Are you a little (or a lot) rough around the edges? Do you feel small? Do you wonder how in the world God could ever use you for anything good?

You're in the right place! Sure, God can use shiny, smooth, slick, good-looking, strong, noble people to accomplish His plans. But guess what? Even when He does so, it's not about their brilliance or splendor or self-sufficiency. It's about His power and grace at work in them. And even so, His power and grace is all the more evident and on display in those who understand their weaknesses and lack of abilities.

God can make something out of nothing. Likewise, He can make nothing out of something. He can make things high that are low. He can make a powerhouse out of the powerless. He can make the impotent strong and productive. With God, there are no limits.

If you feel weak and powerless, you're in the right place. Nothing is too difficult for God, and nothing is impossible for Him.

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