Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Repentance Isn't About Your Changed Behavior

The repentance that is needed for salvation is not a repentance of works. That is, it's not a change from bad/evil behavior to good behavior. Repentance that saves is a change from unbelief to belief. It's a change from self-righteousness (thinking your good behavior justifies you before God - faith in your good behavior) to putting your faith in God who gives you His righteousness as a gift, having nothing to do with your behavior.

If the repentance that is needed for salvation is about you changing your behavior, then it's not God who has saved you. You have saved yourself! So go ahead then. Just try presenting all your awesome behavior changes to God. He sent Jesus to shed His blood and died as the one perfect sacrifice for all sins... but you go ahead and stand in front of Him and show Him how good you've been!

Or... get that idiotic thinking out of your head, and truly repent. Stop thinking your behavior has anything to do with salvation, and believe the gospel instead.

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