Saturday, July 28, 2012

My World View

I fully realize that my world view is different than that of a lot of people I know. I'm not ashamed of that, and I'll say that while I have no desire at all to beat anyone over the head with it, I do carry around the hope that the things that I share about my world view will be helpful to some and will shed light on a way of seeing God and Life in a positive and affirming way that they may have never seen before.

I hope that people will see that God didn't create us for religion, and He doesn't want us to be "religious" towards Him, and He's not a harsh taskmaster who makes everyone clean up their sinful lifestyles and live a certain way before He will consider accepting them and relating to them. Rather, He loves everyone right where they're at, and He Himself went to great lengths to show His love to everyone in the world, "while we were still sinners," by sending Jesus into the world - not to condemn the world but rather so that the world could be saved through Him.

I hope to show people that God is truly a very approachable Friend who fully embraces people, and not an "untouchable" or distant being who doesn't have the time of day for unworthy worms such as us. We are not unworthy worms in God's eyes, but rather we are a highly valuable treasure to Him, individually and together as the human race. He created us to have an intimate relationship with Him, and I believe He is saddened when people stay away from Him because they have a misconstrued view of Him.

My world view is far from perfect, as is my understanding of God and Life, but I do hope to offer up the view of a good, kind, loving, gracious, generous God who cares deeply about all of His creation. Not only does He not want us to run from Him, but He Himself runs to us with joy and ecstasy, simply because He loves us so much!