Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mick Mooney Interview Part 2

Here's Part 2 of my recent interview with Mick Mooney.


  1. Great interview..Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks... glad you enjoyed it. :D

  3. Happy New Year Joel!

  4. Thanks much, Joseph, and the same to you!

  5. This was a good interview but I zoned out when you were talking about not having to depend/read the Bible but instead be dependent on the Holy Spirit
    How would you know if you are bring led by The Holy Spirit if you don't have an accurate knowledge of the New Testament and all that Jesus has done and provided thru His DBR and who you are thru the letters that Paul wrote

  6. I hear you, Anonymous, on the gist of your point - the importance of the scriptures. I love the scriptures and am very thankful for all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we get from them.

    I think the point in the podcast wasn't "don't read the scriptures," but rather, "rely on the Holy Spirit."

    Take, for example, ten people reading the same passage. You can get ten different meanings/interpretations from those ten people. And maybe none of them are what the Holy Spirit intended to say through that passage!

    That doesn't mean that we shouldn't read the scriptures, but it goes back to the point of listening to the Holy Spirit, rather than simply relying on the scriptures. As Mick pointed out in the interview, he went a full year, walking with God and being taught by God, while not reading the scriptures. The scriptures ended up confirming what the Spirit had taught him.

    So again, we're not taking away from the importance of the scriptures. Rather we're putting heavy emphasis on the Holy Spirit teaching us.