Sunday, January 02, 2011

This Is Your Year to Prosper

This is your year to give without expecting anything in return.

This is your year to bless others when they curse you.

This is your year to forgive those who have wronged you, as God has forgiven you.

This is your year to be content with what you have because that is the beginning of true prosperity.

This is your year to stop the futile yearning for and pursuit of earthly riches that get moldy and dusty, that rust and burn and that moths eat and thieves break in to steal.

This is your year to see a Kingdom that is not of this world and that is not seen "without," but is within you.

This is your year to see that within the clay jar the true treasure is found, and that it is no small treasure. It is not something to be gained and it is not something to seek for over here or to find over there. It is in you.

Note that these are not steps to becoming rich. These are words that begin to show you how rich you already are! When you discover how rich and blessed you already are, your soul will truly prosper.

Is this your year to prosper?

1 comment:

  1. Joel,

    Good thoughts. True and biblical prosperity only comes from Jesus. Clearly we should not store up riches on earth where moth and rust destroy but in heaven (Matt. 6:19-20).

    How the Bible defines prosperity is radically different than how Jesus defines it.