Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christ Is the End of the Law. Period. (Introduction)

Christ Is the End of the Law. Period. (Introduction)

While I think it happens to be true that one of the most unappropriated truths in the lives of Christians is that we have died to the law, I think perhaps there is another truth that is missed out on even more. The law itself is dead, having been nailed to the cross 2,000 years ago. Leading up to the cross, the law had several purposes, which were all accomplished (past tense), and its ministry has now ceased.  In this series I bring up various passages of scripture about the law that I previously interpreted differently, but that I now see in a different light. I lay down some thoughts that I’ve had for some time now. I’ve had a difficult time not going in this direction, and I thought I’d put it out there for anyone who seriously would like to consider it and/or discuss it.

For some of you, this may not be groundbreaking at all. For others, if it makes you go hmmmm, that’s ok with me. If you find holes in it, wonderful. Tell me. If it fills in some of your own holes, beautiful. I've thought about this and studied it for a while now, without really talking with people about it a whole lot, and with never having heard most of this taught by anyone else and I'm simply at a point in which I'd like to begin discussing it more in depth with others. If this is something you have heard elsewhere, or have taught yourself, I'd be intrigued to know and to see your sources so I can compare notes.  If this is too long for you, but yet still interests you, by all means take time to read it in chunks rather than all at once.

I welcome your thoughts. It took me eight days to put this together (amid juggling all the other stuff of life), and I'm willing to take more time discussing it with those who are seriously interested in the subject matter.  If you have any further insights to any of the words or passages that I bring up, or to the context of the words and passages, it could possibly help if you bring them into this discussion

This is essentially doctrinal. It's not about "living the Christian life," although I certainly do think that the teaching of doctrine can play a large role in how people go about their daily lives, and that's one reason (of many) why all of this is so important for me to work out on my own and with others.  This isn't about myself or anyone being right or wrong.  It's about wanting to grow in the truth.

Part 1 - The Law's Job Is Done
Part 2 - Till the Seed Should Come
Part 3 - The Law Did Not Cause an Increase in Sinful Behavior
Part 4 - The Strength of Sin Is the Law


  1. Hello ---

    I could not agree with you more. I was totally
    against attending ANY church simply because of
    what you are talking about. The message from
    Christ that I was reading ..... did not match
    with what the church was ALL about. Basically, it
    seemed to me that they believe it in theory .....
    but not in practice. I was brought back to the
    church kicking and screaming .... but am so
    thankful now. NONE of my own doing ..... in fact I was TOTALLY !!!! against it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts - Greatly appreciated.

    Tony R.

  2. Thanks much, Tony. I can relate in some big ways here, about the message in the church not matching what I understand. It can be quite difficult to be in a situation like that, and I dealt with it in various ways over the years.