Sunday, August 01, 2010

GIG 251 - What We Have Been Freed To

As believers, it's wonderful to understand the various things that we have been freed from.  We've been freed from the demands of the law. The law demanded perfection but was powerless to provide it. We've been freed from religion. We've been freed from sin. And so on and so forth.

But now that we've been set free, are we simply to wander around aimlessly, with no real direction or devotion to something? The truth is, we've not only been set free from many things, but we've also been freed to many things! For example, we've been freed from Mr. Law to Mr. Grace (Jesus). We've been freed from dead religion to an alive relationship with someone - a union with someone. This union is described in many ways in the Bible. In addition to a relationship, it's also described as a "marriage."  It's also said that we've received "adoption as sons."  We're not simply out there on our own.  We're freed to a vital relationship with the One who gave us His life!

There is a very tiny minority of people who say that we have been freed to sin. And there are some who say that if we preach this wonderful freedom that we have in Christ, then people will just go out and indulge the flesh.  Either way, it's a perversion of the gospel of grace.  It's a perversion of the true meaning of freedom. It's not what freedom in Christ is about.  However, just because some pervert the gospel, that doesn't mean we should stop telling the truth about the freedom that we have in Christ! Those lies shouldn't stop us from telling the truth!

The truth is that we are free indeed! And we should never submit ourselves to the bondage of the law or religion. The truth is, we have been freed to love God and to love others.  We have been freed to serve others. We've been freed to be devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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