Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mick Mooney - Searching for Grace - Part 4

In the fourth and final part of my interview with Mick Mooney, creator of the Searching for Grace comic strip, we cover a range of subjects, but stay mostly on the idea of walking by the Spirit and not walking according to religion. Mick says that being under grace is being under the very nature of God. He also talks a bit about the idea of rules and accountability partners vs. walking according to the Spirit of God.

Many today seem to be trying to walk in the Spirit inside the confines of "religion," which is of course something too small for God to fit in! Many try to fit the various aspects of their faith into the things they are doing (programs, institutions, etc), and end up twisting theology to fit their systems.

When the world looks at us, they shouldn't see religion, but rather a genuine expression of the nature of God. Mick goes into all of this and much more this week, so I hope you'll tune in and hear the good things he has to say about living a genuine life in Christ, apart from religion!

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