Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Guilt and Shame Lifted Away

"Sinners" don't need to be guilted and shamed into changing their ways. A common misconception in the world today is that Jesus came wagging his finger at people when they sinned. But that's exactly the opposite of what He did. He loved people and accepted them like they'd never been loved and accepted before. He lifted away the guilt and shame and set people on the path to freedom.


  1. Great post, Joel. Shame and not sin is what separates us from God. He didn't turn away from Adam and Eve. No. Instead, he came looking for them and they hid from him because of shame. Christ's death lifted shame off of us so now because of grace, we can run to him instead of hiding from him knowing that we're still loved and accepted by him.

  2. Yep indeed, Adam and Eve hid from God, not the other way around. God pursued them and 'covered' their shame, rather than hiding from them or wagging His finger at them. And Christ ultimately got rid of shame once and for all through His sacrifice. It's so good to know that we're loved and accepted by God, rather than having to live in guilt and shame!