Friday, April 16, 2010

Video of Radically Better comments

This past weekend I attended the Radically Better conference with Steve McVey and Paul Anderson-Walsh in Atlanta. I'll post some photos soon. The entire conference was such a wonderful, even surreal experience! I was able to reconnect with people who I've known for some time now, and also meet several other people face to face for the first time, who I've known only online. And the message from Steve and Paul was quite liberating, as you might expect, and quite outside the box of normal Christian thinking. Even outside the box of a lot of what I've learned within the exchanged life/grace community. But all good. :)

At the conference, Paul asked me if I would walk around with his video camera and grab some comments from people about the conference. This was pretty cool, because I got to meet new people this way and it was wonderful to hear what people were getting out of the conference. Some of our 'blogging family' are in this video... Matthew, Gary and John... and they also turned the camera on me even though I highly protested! Haha!

Do enjoy the comments in this video, but if nothing else watch the first part about thinking outside the box. Good stuff.

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