Sunday, February 28, 2010

GIG 230 - Communion - Ritual or Relationship?

What comes to mind when you think of "communion?" Do you think of some sort of ritual or ceremony or do you think more along the line of relationship and intimacy? We don't get into a deep teaching on this subject this week, but we throw out a few suggestions about what communion may be and what it may not be. Jesus simply told His disciples that when they ate bread and drank wine, to remember Him. Remember His body which was broken for them and remember His blood which was shed for them. Perhaps communion can be as simple as remembering the finished work of Christ and celebrating the life of Christ.

And of course, what would a conversation about communion be without mentioning food! Everywhere Jesus went, there was eating and drinking going on! (Well, except for that 40-day desert experience). :) Food, fellowship, relationship, remembrance... could this all be a part of communion, rather than it being a religious ceremony or ritual?

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