Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Grace e-Book

A new compilation of grace-based articles has been made available for FREE, in the form of an e-book.  The book consists of 80 excellent articles from 31 authors.  Our Norwegian friend Ole Henrik Skjelstad has taken a great deal of his time to compile all of these articles, and Jean Rittenberg has provided the artwork for the cover.  This is a very refreshing project, featuring many great words with such great insight about the grace of God and His unconditional love.

You can download the e-book, entitled The Lord Your God Is In Your Midst, here. (Click 'Download' and save the file to your computer). Again, this is FREE!  You are welcome to spread the word about this.  Or in Ole Henrik's very own words, "Please feel free to share it as you like; send it to your friends by e-mail, make a link in your homepage or use other means in accordance what you are comfortable with."

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