Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace in Rest

I've had this in my Blogger 'drafts' since August 1, and I thought I'd just go ahead and post it.  I don't remember if I'd planned to write more (probably so), but I like it as it is.

I had a fun little exchange with a Facebook friend this afternoon. As her status, she had written something about having "nothing I have to do today... nowhere I have to be..."

I replied, "Slacker. ;)"

And I loved her reply:

"And lovin' it..."

So I replied back, "Ah, finally, someone who's at peace in rest. :) Hard to find these days!"

To which she said, "That's Christ in me, the hope of glory."

To find someone who is at peace in rest - that truly is hard to find these days. In this busy world, it seems that people always have to be doing something, even if they have nothing they have to do! Or they have to go somewhere even if they have nowhere they have to go! People find it hard to rest. They find no peace in rest. Perhaps rest means "guilt" for them. Guilt for not doing something at the moment. Maybe if they stop, and rest, their mind will be occupied with thoughts of what they "should" have done but didn't do, or "shouldn't" have done but did. I suppose that's one reason of many why people don't rest.

I think that's perhaps one reason why some people (probably many people) find it hard to rest in Christ. To "rest" IS in their Christian vocabulary, but not in their Christian practice.  Imagine that... "doing" resting.  :)

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