Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Energized By Grace - Steve McVey

I wanted to link to this post from Steve McVey for a couple of reasons.  First, on the ever so slight chance that there's someone who reads my blog who doesn't know who Steve is, it's a great introduction to him!  :)  Secondly, this post gives kind of a foundational "response" to those who either say that grace leads to passivity and irresponsibility or to those who really do see grace as nothing more than an excuse to be lazy. I think this blog post of Steve's really shows the power and depth of grace - how it doesn't merely forgive us and get us out from under the law, and how it doesn't merely 'help' us in limited ways or only in certain areas of our walk, but how it is the very essence and source of the entire Christian life.  And so I wanted to link to it here for anyone who wants to read it and as a reference for myself that I can share with others when those issues arise.

Steve McVey - Energized By Grace

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