Sunday, November 08, 2009

GIG 214 - Repentance Means to Change Your Thinking

The word "repent" has traditionally been taught as a word that means "change your behavior." "Repentance" is taught as a necessary part of being saved. But if repentance means that we have to change our behavior in order to be saved or in order to keep ourselves saved, then doesn't that mean that it's our own works/effort that saves us?

What does it really mean to repent? We'll get into that this week on Growing in Grace.


  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday. i was apologizing to God, and then i started thinking that a true apology would include repentance.

    - jared

  2. Not that one can't apologize to God, but we must realize that no apology ever aids in making us right with God. True repentance is a turning from unbelief to belief, or from trusting in one's own efforts to trusting fully in the finished work of Christ. We're saved and kept, not by our change of behavior, but by God's grace alone.