Saturday, August 01, 2009


There were 457 unread blog posts in my feed reader, when I checked just now. :)

Actually... :(.

But I'll smile anyway! :-D

I just wanted to pop in and say hey to everyone. I feel so out of touch with many of you! This blog, along with your blogs, have been the essence of my "online family" for some time now and I feel a bit sad because I've been occupied with other things that have taken my time away from the blogging world. It's all good, and hopefully just a season, but I sure miss all the great friendship and interaction!

If you think about it, would you pray along with me? Sometimes there's a lot on the plate and it's a good thing, and sometimes there's too much on the plate and it's not necessarily the best way in the world to live, if you know what I mean. :) My friend Ole from Norway (who some or many of you also know) wrote this in a recent email to me:

"I hope everything is well with you and that all unnecessary voices will be subdued so you can concentrate your energy on what is in your heart!"

What sweet words from a friend! I pray this for myself as well as for anyone else out there who needs those unnecessary voices to be subdued...


  1. Those are sweet words..............

    You are missed, loved and being prayed for my bro!!!!

    Grace and peace to you!!

  2. Wow! This must be on many hearts. Yesterday, I did a post talking about how my involvement with Facebook had caused me to neglect blogging and my blogging friends. Then, today I look at Lydia's blog and she had written an awesome post sharing that she had noticed that some of us hadn't been as involved in the blogging community as we had been before and she missed us.

    It was perfect timing for me since I had already decided to dramatically curtail my Facebook involvement to devote more time to my first love . . . blogging and all of my blogging friends.

  3. Aida, I like the way the Christ looks as and through you. I have some wonderful family out here.
    Best to Charlie from all of us.

    ps. i hate being slobbery but really sensed it just now...

  4. Thanks, Leonard. You're very kind and you're very special to me.

    Since deciding to get back into blogging more seriously, I've realized how important you all are to me. We really are a family with Jesus as our big brother and I don't want to be separated from my family again.

  5. Aida... great words, and yes it truly does seem like perfect timing for me as well. Your words, "my first love . . . blogging and all of my blogging friends" really resonates with me. This is where so many of the relationships have been formed and lived out, so to speak, and this is where I'd like to focus a lot of my online time. With so many other things going on right now, I've found that even ignoring many of the blogs in my feed reader, and trying to focus just on the ones I've formed relationships with, it's been a hard thing to do. I'm in the process of processing all the unnecessary processes that are going on in my life. :) I would rather own my time than my time own me.

    So anyway, while I'm out on the road today (I'm just home on a quick break), I'll be praying about this for myself and everyone else.

  6. Joel - I was just wondering what you did with those 457 unread posts? :) Did you 'brutally' delete them?

    You know, I struggle with the same issue, especially in these summer months. Sometimes I feel unbalanced.

    Recently I unsubscribed from some blogs, with whom I have little or no interaction with. Though I love to read what they write, I just have no enough time for reading all the posts.

    Also, I don't want to read stuff ritualistically.

    Anyway, this post was an encouragement to me. I have always loved the interaction within the "inner circle" and honestly, like Aida, I too miss it to some extend.

  7. Bino,

    Yeah, I definitely don't want any of my blog reading to be ritualistic. I want it to be relational and informative (in that order). I've had to weed out my subscriptions in the past, and I have to do it again. So many of them are great blogs, and it's hard to unsubscribe from any of them, but the world and I will do just fine if I'm not able to read them all. :) LOL

    Yep, I use Feedreader, and I ended up doing the "mark as read" thing on those 457 posts. Actually I read a few of them and then did that. I'm going to begin using Feed Demon because it has a "Panic Button" that you can press if you get too far behind. :) (I'm waiting till the next version is released because it's supposedly going to be compatible with Google Reader, and then I'll switch to both).

  8. I unsubscribed to a few too and I hated to do it but I know it'll be okay if I don't read them. I'm thankful for the community of bloggers that I'm in relationship with and I think I'll just stick with those. There's enough wisdom and encouragement on those blogs that I won't really miss the others.

  9. A great reminder, Aida, that further drives in that it's OK, and even necessary and good, to "concentrate our energy on what is in our hearts," as I mentioned Ole saying in this post.