Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meeting the Lesniak

On our way home from Ohio, my family and I dipped down just a little bit south of I-80 to spend an hour or two with Dave Lesniak! In addition to our time spent with the wonderful friends in Ohio, this was quite a treat. I've known Dave since early 2005 (through the internet) and I finally got to actually meet him in person right around this time two years ago. I'm very honored and I feel very privileged to call him a true friend and I wish we could get together far more often (same as I feel with all my other blogging friends)!

A candid shot of my wife Tracey. :)


  1. Thanks for posting pic of Tracy it helps off set the,,,, oh never mind,,,,

    ps. + she smells better than Joel, this i know for a fact.


  2. Yep, with a picture of me and Dave, people really do need something else to look at, very quickly!