Saturday, June 27, 2009

Having a blast in Sandusky!

Just a quick post to say that the other bloggers (or at least some of them) in our blogging community are really real! Of course, I already knew that about a few of them, having met Matthew, Gary, John and Jamie in Atlanta in March. But now I've seen two more of them with my own eyes and I know they're real!! LOL

Something that we've been talking about for several months now has become a reality, and my family traveled to Sandusky, Ohio yesterday and we're spending time with Matthew, Jamie and family, Bino and Leonard at a KOA Kampground! We were able to just spend some time last night getting (re)aquainted and talking some grace talk and just having a great time together. Today we went down by the lake (Lake Erie) and walked around a bit and then had some lunch. I went swimming with my family after we got back, and otherwise it's been a lazy afternoon. We're getting some supper ready (tacos and other good food) and we'll all be spending the evening together.

It's so great to be around these wonderful friends! We're "separated" by distance, living in different parts of the country, but we're a real family and we're really soaking this in!

Jamie, me, Matthew.

Jamie, Leonard, Bino, Matthew.

Facebooking outside... LOL.

Hanging out, S'mores, etc.

Looking out on Lake Erie (that's my wife Tracey on the left).

Waiting for some good grub outside a pub.

The blogging crew!

More pics to come, I'm sure.


  1. Joel,

    It looks ya'll are having a good time...I wish I could be there. My daughter is checking into the hospital Monday to be induced. Keep her (and us) in your prayers.


  2. Gary... yep, our time here has been short but very, very sweet. We all wish you could be here too.

    We're praying for your daughter and for your entire family! Keep us posted.

  3. Awww, I am so happy for you all to have this opportunity!! Only wish I was there too!!!

  4. Lyds! We thought about you and talked about you (good words, of course!) throughout the weekend. We all wished you could be there too. :)