Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Come to church, we'll scare the hell out of you.

I haven't had much of an opportunity to blog lately, but as I was getting caught up on some of my blog reading this morning I came across some posts from others that I wanted to share. A somewhat similar theme is present in each of them. In short: judgment and hell vs. love and acceptance.

Gary Kirkham: The Finger
Steve McVey: Confronting Other People's Sins (make sure to check out the video at the end, too).

The third post that I wanted to share is actually a "note" on the Free Believer's Network's page on Facebook. I'll post the link, but I think you have to be a part of the Free Believer's group on Facebook in order to view it. I imagine it will be posted on Darin Hufford's blog, accessible to all, and I'll update this post if/when that happens.

Update 6/11/09 (thanks Aida!):
Darin Hufford: Raising Hell


  1. Jamie's cursing leaven is working it's way through the whole lump.

  2. This is what I shared following Darin's post:

    I have just started to look at this topic FOR MYSELF, and not rely on other's teaching. I also wonder why this topic is so "hot" (?). WHY are alternate views so hushed in the church?

    My former (Ind) Baptist preacher, said that if he didn't believe in a literal burning Hell, then he wouldn't be preaching. Even in my most Kool-aid drinking days, that just didn't add up.

    I was talking to my mother about this subject and she got mad to think that Hitler might NOT go to Hell. I asked her if his crimes warranted him suffering ETERNAL torment? For ALL TIME! She said, perhaps, no, so then I asked her how long then? She couldn't provide an answer.

    So are they saying that IF Hell didn't exist that there would be NO reason to come to Jesus?

    Where is the LIFE in THAT?

  3. MATTHEW! LOL...thanks a lot! DANG!

    What difference do the details of hell make? To be separated from God by our own choice is hell, is it not? But we are to love the hell out of people...not scare it out of them!

  4. Matthew... LOL. =D It's funny, I never "got" the word hell as a swear word. I mean, I know that 'good people' shun the word, other than when actually talking about hell, but I never understood why it was such a bad word. I don't personally use it, even when I do let something slip out. (I just use the really bad ones). ;) OK, I don't know how we got on that... LOL...

    John & Jamie, yeah, that's basically what I got out of Darin's post.

    Let's just say that Hell really is the "realest" of real places/existences. Even so, why the obsession with it in Christianity? I don't think for a moment that God wanted people to be so scared of hell that they'd turn to Him. Rather, that they'd be so captivated by His ridiculous love that they couldn't help but be drawn to Him!

  5. Joel, Darin's note is actually an older blog that he posted on May 17, 2008. Here's the original link.

  6. BTW, you're a great teacher. Thanks for teaching us how to put a link in a comment. It worked.

  7. Aida,

    I had gone back on the blog a few months to find the post, but just hadn't gone back far enough. Thanks for the link!