Monday, May 11, 2009

Tomorrow's Synchroblog reminder - Performance-Based Acceptance

Just a reminder about tomorrow's (Tuesday, May 12) synchroblog event, in case you want to participate, based on the theme of "Performance-Based Acceptance." There's still time to spread the word and see if others want to participate as well! The original details are here, but in short this will be a day to use your blog/website/social site/etc to tell your story about how Performance-Based Acceptance has been a problem in your life, and how you've dealt with it and have overcome it or are overcoming it.

I derived this theme from the following sentence in Paul-Anderson Walsh's book Until Christ is Formed:
Each and every one of us has our own story to tell about the problem of Performance-based Acceptance.
This subject can obviously be approached from all kinds of angles and perspectives, so I'm looking forward to people sharing their unique stories and experiences!

I'll post my story early tomorrow morning. Then later tomorrow or the following day I plan to create another post that links to the various stories that others post - so please come to my Performance-Based Acceptance post tomorrow and link to yours, or email me with a link to yours, and I'll include it.

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