Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Performance-Based Acceptance Stories - Links

Wow... these stories have had an impact on me! On the one had they've left me hurting, feeling, aching, crying and growing in compassion - knowing that our stories represent so many people around the world who deal with legalism and the bondage of performing for God and/or others to earn or maintain acceptance. But of course I've also found my heart being filled with joy as I've read how God has set hearts free and continues to help people live in the freedom for which He set them free!

On the day that all this came to my mind, the word "story" kept going through my mind. I then read Paul Anderson-Walsh's quote, "Each and every one of us has our own story to tell about the problem of Performance-based Acceptance." The words of a commenter on Aida's post stick out to me: "It is so important we share our stories with each other." Thanks to all for sharing your stories, and let's not stop doing that!

Below are the stories of those who participated in this synchroblog (that I'm aware of). It's never too late! --- If/when more stories are posted, I'll add them.

Aida (Forgetting the Former Things):
Performance Based Acceptance - my story

John Fincher (John's Grace Walk [Mysterium Tremendum]):
My Performance-Based Acceptance Story

Jamie (Better Than We Know):
Unconditional Love (Cheater! LOL)

Free Spirit (With Unveiled Face):
Performance-Based Acceptance

Bino M. (Branch of Vine):
My 'Performance-Based Acceptance' Story

Richard J. (Family: The Final Frontier):
Performance-based acceptance...

Matthew Campbell (Somewhere in my Memory):
Performance Based Acceptance Synchroblog

Chris Welch (080808 On,Now,To the Third Level):
My Performance-Based Acceptance Story

In Christ Alone (nightwatch):
My PBA Story

Ursula Kuba (Open Door):
My Journey out of works and into grace

Update - 5/13/09 evening:

Lydia Joy (a joy to be me): Performance Based Acceptance..........

The Lewis Family (Propitiation): My Story - continued
(See also Part 1: Life)


  1. Okay, I have tried to link my post on here, but it won't accept it..........sorry

  2. copy of my reply on my blog.....Glad to be a part of this,Joel. Today I was thinking that we could do the same with existing blog posts that have already been written on similar"How we see the church of the future for example." Amy "Walking in the Spirit " has already loads on this.So does Jamie, and myself. I'd just thought this and I got an email from Sally who is promoting Frank Viola's book...and she is actually setting a "Blog Circular for 9th June" I couldn't believe it. As soon as you think of something these days you find everyone is there first...leaving you feeling as though you're slow or something.

    13 May 2009 10:43

  3. Okay, I totally forgot!! So, I am a day late!! But here it is (I don't know how to link).

    I am looking forward to reading everyones stories!

  4. Chris,

    That is a great idea! It seems like I've heard of something similar to that in the past but I've never been a part of any such thing. Sounds fun... let's keep the idea rolling!

    Lydia and Becky... thanks for your stories! I linked to them on a separate post yesterday evening, and added them to this one as well.

  5. Thanks for linking / sharing these, Joel. I hope to read more from people who have been / are being set free.

  6. Yep indeed, Rudy. It never gets old hearing stories of freedom!