Thursday, May 28, 2009


God isn't somewhere 'out there.' When you look up to Him or raise your hands to Him, it's emblematic. He's in you, you're in Him. You're One.


  1. NO WAY!! You mean He doesn't live in that big building called the church...His House? You mean He TABERNACLES IN US?? Oh! NO WAY!! Why then WE would be the CHURCH! Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?? :D

  2. It is awesome that God has made believers so Holy that He sent His Holy Spirit to live in us, the temple of the Lord!
    How awesome is the New Covenant!

  3. Haha! Jamie, it's a wonder to me how church buildings became known as "God's house" when God specifically says He doesn't live in buildings made by man (!) AND He specifically says His tabernacle/temple is US!

    Candace, yep indeed, He's made us as holy as holy can be! He's given us His own righteousness. We are as holy and righteous as Jesus Himself!

  4. mmm...i guess that is why 'walking Church' took a hike. (l0l)