Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lord Save Us From Your Followers

This video might step on some toes, but I reckon those toes need stepping on. Jesus didn't come to condemn. He came to save. God doesn't call us to judge others. He wants to love others through us.


  1. your "loving ways", you become monkeys...see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil as long as it is directed at your hypocrisy

    the world is worse off because of christians. you guys completely defeat the purpose of god which is...LOVE.

    the irony

  2. Anonymous,

    I agree that in some ways - in many ways - many Christians have polluted the world with legalism, unkindness, unlovingness, etc. I would disagree with the general statement that "the world is worse off because of christians," but that's not what I personally want to get into here.

    The point of this video, or at least my point in posting it, is that no matter what's happened in history (or in current events), there is a dialog being attempted here, with Christians reaching out to those they have hurt with genuine repentance and with genuine love. I hope to encourage Christians along these lines.

  3. Anonymous,

    judging by your comment, I don't think you've read anything else on Joel's blog. Browse around. What you see might surprise you.

    Personally, I wish the Church would quit focusing on what's wrong with it and become established in grace.

  4. Joel,

    "I reckon those toes need stepping on." Oh,Yes!

  5. Matthew,

    Yep indeed there is a lot of focusing on what is wrong and very little foundational teaching of love and grace.

    Kent Burgess wrote this on my Facebook in response to my posting of this video there:

    "Joel, if I remember right it was St. Francis that said 'The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. Just move to the side and live differently.'

    Being forgiving... loving... gracious... merciful... humble people is certainly different."

  6. John,

    Yep, on this matter I'm not attempting to tread lightly. :)

  7. Yes, the ONLY thing which can tranform people is - Love!

  8. I love this video! It moved me to tears!

  9. I was deeply touched by this video. And it confirms my convictions of what Jesus really came save. It seems as if when we are first saved we are so filled with joy. And then people forget who they were.... how they were saved by God's mercy rather. Thanks for posting....

  10. Bino,

    Love... Yes! That is it.


    I was brought to tears with this as well. It's hard to watch what Christians have done but it's wonderful to watch what many of us are now doing to reach out with real love and real Life to others.


    Yes! Jesus came to save, not to condemn. I think you're absolutely right that people are filled with such joy... true joy... and then they forget who they are. It becomes about performance, and it becomes about getting the rest of the people in the world to start "living right," and they truly do miss the whole point --- the mercy, grace, love and acceptance of God!