Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes here and on Facebook! I wanted to take time to respond to each and every comment, but this evening my internet suddenly went out for a few hours... and now that it's back up this "old man" has to get to bed!

It's been a great day, up to and including the Suzy Q's for desert tonight! Tracey had asked me what kind of cake I wanted, and that's what I asked for. :)

By the way, my home-made built-in faux-real email/blogger filter accidentally blocked all comments with the word "dance" and/or "Macarena" in it, so I apologize if I've missed something... er... important!


  1. FS. Im begining to think were not gonna get paid...

  2. Hey Leonard! Thanks for the Reese's cap!!!

  3. I don't know why people think 40 is old. Adam died at 930, which mean he was on diapers at 40... now think about that! :)

  4. Bino, that's so true! And Noah was 600 years old when the rain started! Methuselah was 969 when he died.

    Someone on Facebook said I'm just a 'pup!'... which means I can chew things and poop and pee on things, and it's still "cute." :) I replied that when I get older, I'll still do those things, but just with less control over it! ;)

  5. Leonard... you're just NOW beginning to think that??

    For the record: I don't see it as payment... just... maybe... beginning to not feel so loved by the Joelster. ;)

    Plus, I think there just might be some fear there, that he has to work thru... let's not give up on him... yet! ;)

  6. Leonard... you gave HIM the Reese's cap too?????

    I feel SO violated! ;)

  7. You feel violated ???

    Why you even danced, posted pics and everything,,, sniff sob...

  8. ps. oh yeah, and i was even thinking about sending him on a cruise...

  9. Better late than never…

    Happy birthday!


  10. Thanks LS!!

    Leonard, I'll take that cruise! Thanks for the love without conditions!!! ;)