Sunday, April 19, 2009

GIG 187 - God's Work In Us

Most would agree that the Christian life is not a passive lifestyle. But just how is the life of the Christian animated? Where does the "action" come from? We know we're saved by the grace of God, but then is it up to us - and our own striving - to hop into action for God and His kingdom?

The Apostle Paul said he "labored abundantly." What was it that was working so mightily in him that caused him to spring into action? Was it a sense of duty to "work for God?" Was he compelled by a sense of obligation to serve God and to labor and strive for the kingdom? Or did he simply yield to God and trust His work to work mightily in Him?

The religious system is good at burdening people with heavy labor and wearing people out! Jesus told those who labored and were weary to come to Him for rest! And He said the work of God is to believe. Since we do trust God's grace to save us, can't we also trust His grace to animate us and to accomplish all that He wants to accomplish in and through us - as we simply believe, and rest in Him and trust Him!


  1. John 14.10
    Jesus: 'Rather it is the Father, living in m, doing the work'

    Do we really think we can do better than Jesus? l0l

  2. sorry not m, "me" you get the drift.

  3. Ha ha... your "lol" in your comment looked like "101" to me at first. I thought you were saying it's Christianity 101. =D Which is true! It's basic stuff, that our life in Christ is about His life and work in us. How great it would be if people got this basic stuff.