Thursday, April 02, 2009

Atlanta reflections - Video

Yesterday I said I'd post Part 2 of my Atlanta reflections, and the reason this is in more than one part is simply because I got a little wordy in that post (nothing new) and I didn't have time to write more yesterday... and it's not because I think everyone's just dying to hear all my thoughts. =D

Anyway, instead of typing it all out, I thought I'd do a video! And no, Free Spirit and Leonard, this is not me doing the Macarena!


  1. Good Stuff Joel! Did you just video from a program on your laptop.........that's cool, I am thinking maybe I could do that sometime, that is if I ever get bold enough!! Anyway, I am loving hearing your reflections on meeting everyone - I really can relate, it's so wild meeting our brothers and sisters from the blog realm - yet so natural as well!!

  2. Lydia,

    I sooo know you can relate, with you having just met your bros. and sisters in Hong Kong! It truly adds a new dimension to our online relationships.

    Yeah, I simply used the software that came with my webcam. Or actually, I downloaded the latest version of it from the manufacturer's website (Logitech). I then uploaded it directly to my YouTube account.

  3. VERY COOL !
    video all the time, man!

  4. Just wanted to say I'm loving these reports about the conference. I couldn't go, so this is the next best thing :). Keep sharing, Joel, I'm soaking it up!

  5. WC, thanks!

    Nancy, I have a feeling I'll be doing more video blogging. We'll see!

    Tracy, it's fun to share these reports about the conference. I was only there for two days, and I've now been back five days, and so the next best thing to having actually been there is to share it with others. :)

  6. Joel--Slightly off-topic question. (Shocking, I know.) Which Logitech camera are you using? I'm going to be doing some videos for my business site, and I'm trying to make a decision about which camera to buy.

    Also, do you know if the software you used allows you to put any sort of graphics or captions on your videos?

  7. Richard,

    My webcam is a Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX. I think it was a $50 or $60 camera, but was on clearance at an office store for $16! Logitech has a fine line of webcams.

    The software that came with it pretty much only allows you to record, but doesn't have any editing features. The program that I've used to add captions, etc, is Windows Movie Maker (comes with Windows). It's pretty basic, but can do a few neat things. I just import the webcam file into it, and add captions, transitions, etc. You can splice videos, mix videos, add audio, pictures, etc.

  8. Thanks Joel,
    This was cool!
    A perfect set up for the Macarena!
    I'm waiting!! :)

  9. Oh, someone's going to do the Macarena?? How cool! Let me know so I can see it!