Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing in Grace - Radical Sonship Conference Recap

I just arrived back from the Radical Sonship Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, which was hosted by Steve McVey of Grace Walk Ministries and Paul Anderson-Walsh of The Grace Project / Grace London. In this week's Special Edition of Growing in Grace, I chat with Mike about my experience at the conference. It was a weekend full of beautiful friendship and wonderful teaching about what the love and grace of God looks like as we not only soak and marvel and revel in it ourselves, but also as we actually partake in the divine nature (see 2 Peter 1:4), and God's love and grace is poured out of us into the lives of others.

Throughout the weekend, Steve and Paul said that they had far more material than they had time to present, so you can imagine that we barely even touch the tip of the iceberg with this short program! But we hope this program will at least provide somewhat of a glimpse into the radical nature of our lives as adopted sons of God (see Gal 4:5, Eph 1:5).


  1. what a trip!
    great "welcome home" sign :-)

  2. Well Joel, my brotha, I just listened to the "Growing in Grace" broadcast about the conference and I tell you the little bit of information that you shared was an enlightenment to me. First of all, how wonderful to meet and fellowship with some of the like-minded believers of this wonderful on-line community. It really brings tears to recognize just how BIG this is....from where you first met and to take it to another brilliant. Secondly though was when you discussed the greatest legalistic teaching in the Church today...was to love God about blowing me away...I have been appropriating this new life for a while now but WOW! this really resonated with me. The commandment was given ...and I know that was what it was ...but it was one part of the trying that I really don't think I understood...very cool. You definitely have given me something to ruminate on and how much freedom is there in that one small thought....we can't do anything in our own strength....even love God more. I guess I knew this but hearing it has imploded something within me. Thanks...and by the by the pictures are great...seeing you flesh is jealous and I am working on that ... what a great time you all must have had! Thanks for sharing your experiences and this nugget of Truth today for me.

    In Him and He in me,

  3. Just listened to it Joel! Good stuff! I totally agree to the point you made about the greatest legalistic teaching. It is so true... (unfortunately)

  4. Nancy, yep it really has been quite a trip! I was very happy for the wonderful welcome home, but of course I truly miss my friends.

    ICA, indeed this is a BIG thing! You were one of the first online friends to befriend me and hopefully it won't be long before we're able to extend it from the cyber world into the 'real world.' (Ohio maybe?) :)

    As to the greatest legalistic teaching in the church, isn't that something! It's probably one of the biggest teachings in the church, and I don't think people realize that it's pure law, so it's pure legalism! There was so much more I wanted to share on this program... so many things running through my mind from this weekend... but I suppose a lot of it will take time to digest and will eventually naturally come out in one way or another.

    Bino, speaking of Ohio... :) I hope you and your family are able to make it!