Friday, February 06, 2009

John Lennon - Woman


  1. Tracey, I don't know ya from a bottle of scope but ya must be some pretty solid people.

    All Grace to you and all your house.

  2. Dang, now you made me all nostalgic! I feel like getting a bucket of ice cream, reminiscing about the past, while my head sways back and forth, and I hold up my peace sign. I think I need a cigarette... (kidding... I don't smoke - seeing her light up just made me think, maybe I should, too) Hmm... where's that darn chocolate chip cookie dough??

    Sorry, I probably ruined this for ya. I guess every woman wishes some man would write a song like that about her. Pretty cool. Hope you sing this to Tracey while you're dancin' in the moonlight... or wedding dancefloor light, or whatever it is, that makes you dance.

    Hey... speakin' of... ... I DID respond to your comment on my blog. :)

  3. Ok... let me re-phrase that... NOT "SOME" man; every woman wishes HER man would write a song like that about her.
    Pheeww!! Open mouth... insert foot. :)